ARC linkage grant success!

Grant success! Our hard work has been rewarded, happily, with an ARC Linkage grant, the first I have been involved in. The project, headed up by Prof. David Keith at UNSW, will continue our research on risk assessment for ecosystems, in particular focussing on the IUCN Red List of Ecosystems. See previous posts on the topic here and here, as well as relevant publications at the bottom of the post.

The grant will give us enough, we hope, for 1.5 to 2 postdocs over the next 3 years, one based in Botany at the University of Melbourne working with me and Tracey Regan, and the other with David Keith and Richard Kingsford at the Australian Wetlands, Rivers and Landscapes Centre at UNSW, and all in collaboration with our partners at the IUCN, NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, and the South Australian Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources. The research team is Prof David A Keith, Prof Richard T. Kingsford, Prof Mark A. Burgman, Dr Emily Nicholson, Dr Tony D. Auld, A/Prof Jon Paul Rodriguez, Dr Tracey J. Regan, Dr Phil Pisanu and Dr Rebecca E. Lester. We look forward to getting stuck into the work!

Project title: Red listing ecosystems – testing the new global standard for conservation

Summary: The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red Lists are critical for setting conservation priorities. These include a well-tested species Red List protocol, and a new global standard for Red-listing ecosystems. This project will test the new global standard across a range of marine, terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems, developing powerful new tools and guidelines for application.

Relevant publications:

Keith, D.A., Rodríguez, J.P., Rodríguez-Clark, K.M., Nicholson, E., Aapala, K., Alonso, A., Asmussen, M., Bachman, S., Bassett, A., Barrow, E.G., Benson, J.S., Bishop, M.J., Bonifacio, R., Brooks, T.M., Burgman, M.A., Comer, P., Comín, F.A., Essl, F., Faber-Langendoen, D., Fairweather, P.G., Holdaway, R.J., Jennings, M., Kingsford, R.T., Lester, R.E., Mac Nally, R., McCarthy, M.A., Moat, J., Oliveira-Miranda, M.A., Pisanu, P., Poulin, B., Regan, T.J., Riecken, U., Spalding, M.D. & Zambrano-Martínez, S. (2013) Scientific foundations for an IUCN Red List of Ecosystems. PLoS ONE, 8(5): e62111 [link]

Rodríguez, J. P., K. M. Rodríguez-Clark, D. A. Keith, E. G. Barrow, J. Benson, E. Nicholson and P. Wit (2012) IUCN Red List of Ecosystems. S.A.P.I.EN.S [Online] 5.2

Rodriguez J.P., Rodriguez-Clark K.M., Baillie J.E.M., Ash N., Benson J., Boucher T., Brown C., Burgess N., Collen B., Jennings M., Keith D.A., Nicholson E., Revenga C., Reyers B., Rouget M., Smith T., Spalding M., Taber A., Walpole M., Zager I. & Zamin T. (2011). Establishing IUCN Red List Criteria for threatened ecosystems. Conservation Biology, 25, 21-29. [link]

Nicholson E., D. A. Keith, and D. S. Wilcove (2009) Assessing the threat status of ecological communities. Conservation Biology, 23 (2): 259-274. [link]


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