Centenary Fellowship

I am very happy to add that I have recently been awarded a Centenary Fellowship by the Faculty of Science at the University of Melbourne, which I will be taking up in May 2012. I will be hosted by Mick McCarthy, Brendan Wintle and their group, in the ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions (CEED), and will be working on developing criteria for the IUCN Red List of Ecosystems. This work is in collaboration with David Keith (UNSW and NSW Dept Environment), Jon Paul Rodriguez (Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Investigations – IVIC) and Tracey Regan (University of Melbourne). This work follows on from my participation in the IUCN working group developing criteria for red listing ecosystems, as well as previous work with David Wilcove at Princeton, and a couple of papers on the topic:

E. Nicholson, D. A. Keith, and D. S. Wilcove (2009) Assessing the threat status of ecological communities. Conservation Biology, 23 (2): 259-274. [link]

Rodriguez J.P., Rodriguez-Clark K.M., Baillie J.E.M., Ash N., Benson J., Boucher T., Brown C., Burgess N., Collen B., Jennings M., Keith D.A., Nicholson E., Revenga C., Reyers B., Rouget M., Smith T., Spalding M., Taber A., Walpole M., Zager I. & Zamin T. (2011). Establishing IUCN Red List Criteria for threatened ecosystems. Conservation Biology, 25, 21-29. [link]


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