Symposium at ICCB in NZ

I am headed to the Society for Conservation Biology conference in Auckland, 5-9 December. I am chairing a symposium I organised with EJ and Nils: “Human decision-making in conservation and natural resource management: uniting top-down and bottom-up approaches”, which should be very interesting. We’ll be bringing together fisheries scientists, ecologists, conservation scientists and economists to discuss advances in management strategy evaluation and modelling human behaviour. Our impressive speaker list is:

1.            Professor E.J. Milner-Gulland (Imperial College London): Integrating fisheries approaches and household utility models for improved resource management

2.            Beth Fulton (CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research, Hobart): MSE in fisheries: current state of the art and what is to come

3.            Yung en Chee (University of Melbourne): Taking MSE to terrestrial wildlife management: linking modelling, monitoring and management

4.            Nils Bunnefeld (Imperial College London): The role of human decision-making for the sustainability of trophy hunting

5.            Charles T. T. Edwards (Imperial College London): Data-poor management of African lion hunting: how to set quotas when the population size is unknown

6.            Ryan McAllister (CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences, Brisbane): Modelling the behaviour of local resource users: grazing, the environment, and institutions

7.            Cathy Dichmont (CSIRO Marine & Atmospheric Research, Brisbane): MSE in Fisheries: Broadening the scope from single species approaches.

Talks will be followed by a general discussion. We will be in New Zealand Room 4 in the afternoon of Tuesday, December 6th 2011. More details on the symposium, including abstracts, can be found here:


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